Omnicare's Transitions of Care Program

Our resident-centered approach to transitions of care reduces hospital readmissions, improves resident outcomes and helps customers meet evolving regulatory requirements.

Hospital data connectivity

By enabling real-time data exchange, we can provide skilled nursing facilities with immediate access to hospital discharge data and pre-populated pharmacy orders in the facility's EMR. This exchange of data supports skilled nursing staff by providing consistent hospital discharge data, minimizing risk of transcription errors and reallocating approximately 30-40 minutes* of nurse time away from manual medication order entry at the time of admission.

Consultant pharmacist intervention

Our consultant pharmacists are here to support facilities during transitions of care helping to reduce risk of medication related issues, drive healthier outcomes and meeting regulatory requirements. Our Admission Medication Regimen Review can help facilities meet requirements of the IMPACT Act and reduce risk of hospital readmissions.

Support for evolving regulatory requirments

As government payor reimbursement models continue to evolve, we're here to guide your facility and provide support to drive accurate reimbursement through value-based payments and the patient-driven payment model.



*Sourced from Omnicare’s 2018 post acute transitions of care pilot

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